Our Writers

Our writers are the core of our program. They are our content creators, crafting expertly written articles and posts for our partners. Below are six of our top writers, specially designed to make your content amazing.

Mattew Sienna

Matt discovered his talent for writing at the University of Texas and calls Austin his “home base”. Since then, his writing talent turned into a passion which enabled him to lead a travel-family life and visit countries across the globe. From the villages above Phuket to the poshest places in Milan, Matt’s exposure to diverse culture makes his lifestyle and travel blog appeal to a wide audience. He can speak about a wide array of topics with the same confidence, from fine French fromageries to the simple peace of mind found lounging in the sand. His proficiency in three languages helps him communicate with the locals and learn the best eats and least crowded beaches, hidden gems and well-kept secrets. When Matt is home in Austin, he upkeeps his writing by sharing his fitness routine and helping bloggers achieve his same success.

Linda Reynolds

Linda, wife and mother of two, uses adept writing to explore her motherhood journey. Her training in Fine Writing helps her creatively relate her day-to-day experiences—from the mundane to the ornate— sharing her parenting strengths alongside humbling challenges. With candor and wit, Linda uses her blog to revisit the topics of holistic wellness and family issues, two subjects she cares deeply about. She dives deeply into any piece she writes, whether it’s on the benefits of essential oils or the dangers of too much technology for children. When she’s not writing, you can find her outside getting her hands dirty and tending to her beloved garden. Not only does she have a green thumb, but she’s member of Greenpeace and several green housing consulting organizations. These memberships and experiences make Linda an authority on sustainability and eco-friendly construction in addition to her parenting and health skill set.

Holly Tomlinson

Holly is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness writer looking to help readers make positive changes both physically and mentally. Her insightful content about healthy living, delicious recipes, and mental acuity is made for every type of reader. Years of experience as a wellness guru and numerous dietitian courses have given Holly valuable insights and strategies that she can use to help boost the accuracy and relevance of your health-related blog.

Eliza Picot

After relocating from the East Coast, Eliza made a new home in Denver where she received a degree in finance. Her love for mystery thrillers is only outweighed by a desire to pick up a pen and craft her own work. Coupled with her education and years of experience in bookkeeping, Eliza’s niche offers readers useful money-saving tips and creative ways to better manage finances. Her success has landed her work in major publications and has warranted esteemed recognition amongst elite finance bloggers. Growing up in culturally-rich Massachusetts, and spending so much time as a child reveling in Victorian architecture, Eliza developed an interest in interior design at a young age. She continues to pursue this hobby when she’s not writing about tax codes, IRAs, and Real Estate Investment Trusts, and has garnered a massive Pinterest following with her whimsical inspirations.

Alycia Coloma

Alycia is blessed with four beautiful girls and enjoys DIY crafting with them in her free time. After receiving a Master’s in education from the University of Colorado, Alycia pursued a career as an educational consultant in order to help students and their parents plan for a better future. She’s a staunch advocate of continuing education, and believes that an insatiable hunger for knowledge is the key to better finances, a warm family, and an overall fulfilling life. Alycia finds it important to write about what she’s learned and express her opinions before a larger audience online. She leads by example, and teaches her readers that despite juggling four kids and a full time job as a single mom, it is possible to go back to school and achieve success. She enjoys finding new ways to work around tight budgets and offering tips for how to readjust and settle in a new situation—whether it’s collegiate life or a recent divorcée status. Her platform shares her wealth of information with the hope of empowering parents and students everywhere.

Adam Pepka

Adam enjoys a comfortable life in Tucson, Arizona but is proud of the humble beginnings from which he came. Growing up reading authors such as Timothy Ferris, and feeling inspired by their bootstrap beginnings, Adam was determined to find financial freedom himself. He soon became a successful real estate mogul after one deal led to another, and not long after Adam began his own fix-and-flip enterprise. Aspiring investors and HGTV fans alike enjoy reading his blog about the various challenges and accomplishments he finds in each property renovation, as well as the tips and tricks he suggests for those considering their own fixer-upper. In between remodels, Adam enjoys teaching his audience about various investment strategies and how any Average Joe like himself can build a profitable portfolio. Apart from real estate, he’s very much interested in Silicon Valley, venture startups and the technology industry. He watches that arena with a careful eye, and is the first to alert his readers to major news or events.