6 Trends That Will Get Your Blog off the Ground in 2017

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Blogging has gained ground for over a decade, and one thing is for certain: the face of blogging is changing. There are now countless blogs available at your disposal. However, not everyone’s blogs will be seen. If you are eager to start your own blog, you probably have a concept in mind. Whether you want to talk about fashion, cars, weddings, art, or sports, there are probably thousands of blogs that already exist covering those topics. Don’t let this intimidate you—many blogs become successful with the right know-how and dedication. So, how do you get your blog to stand out among the crowd? Follow these trends to follow the digital wave into blogging triumph.

1. Livestreaming
Livestreaming services have become a huge hit over the past year. It is worth mentioning first because of the shear impact it has on people’s brands. While Snapchat could have allegedly started the trend, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram, and Twitter all launched their own versions of livestreaming in 2016 that are widespread in their own right. It then begs the question: Why is livestreaming so popular? It’s because it immediately engages the audience in a way that images and videos can’t do. Livestreaming feels more involved because it is happening right then and there, immediately in front of you. If you forecast a live interview, for example, you can open it to questions from your viewers, and they can have their questions answered in real time. This is important to consider if you are just starting your blog. Think about how you can incorporate livestreaming as part of your brand. Don’t feel pressured to use all channels—in fact, it may be more useful to stick to one. Depending on the brand of your blog, you can conduct interviews, livestream large events, or even your travel adventures.

2. Engaging Videos and Images
If livestreaming is number one on the list, then engaging videos and images must be number two. Use multi-media to keep your followers interested. Feel free to upload photos from your Instagram, or create video presentations. People love visual how-to guides—just look at how many Youtube channels are dedicated to just how-to topics! You may want to branch out and learn video editing software and photo editing techniques to give your brand a professional and polished look.

3. Create In-Depth Posts
This year, it is all about quality over quantity. There are thousands of blog entries posted every day, but how many are really worth the read? Readers are overwhelmed with the endless plethora of blogs that try to catch their attention, and many blogs have fallen into the trap of posting constantly in order to stay relevant. Today, relevancy is about the quality of your post. Do not shy away from going in-depth to the topic you want to talk about. It may seem contrary to the popular strategy of keeping posts short and sweet, but it is better to post smarter, not shorter. Reflect on what you want to post. If it works better as a shorter post, then by all means make it shorter. However, do not hesitate to make it longer if the topic deserves the time.

4. Guest Post on Another Site
Network with your fellow bloggers who focus on the same topic you enjoy. Perhaps you are an expert in make-up reviews, and you can write for a beauty and lifestyle blog. The best way to compete with your rivals is to extend an offer to them. Not only does it help them, but it certainly helps you as well. You can reference your own site in other posts and gain a lot of exposure.

5. Create a Cleaner Site
Minimalism is key this year. More bloggers are turning away from large ad banners and sidebars and now have a lot of room for, what? Sometimes the best answer is to keep the space blank. This is what artists refer to as “negative space.” Truthfully, if you have engaging videos and images, you shouldn’t need to have more media if it isn’t contributing to your blog. Minimalism is the best way to draw your eye to what matters: the content. Let your content shine with a clean and put together look.

6. Communicate with Your Followers

Get rid of your automated emails and messages, and instead try to reach out to your followers. As you gain a following over time, reply to your followers and their questions promptly. Of course, if your blog blows up and becomes viral, it will be impossible to respond reasonably to everyone. However, at the beginning of your blog, don’t hesitate to reach out to those who follow you. People remember the human relationships that form with communication.