3 Trends to Boost Your Blog in 2018

Those epic adventure photos from your favorite travel bloggers circulate endlessly across each of your feeds—what’s their secret? How is it seemingly so simple to go from 2,000 Instagram followers to suddenly traveling the world on a blog’s dime? Hint: it’s not their witty writing that’s doing the trick.

Although content does matter, it’s not the bread and butter of blogging. Instead, bloggers are relying on innovative trends to boost their page and drive their click-through rate, spurring organic growth all on its own. So what are they? We’ve collected the top 3 trends poised to dominate the 2018 blogger world—and how you can, too.


No Faux

The more you fake the less you make. Whereas in the past, sponsored content was usually camouflaged within photos and hyperlinks, a new generation of bloggers are being more straightforward. Influencers who criticize the superficiality of social media blogs receive massive support from jaded audience members. Be real with your readers and share the highs as much as the lows, the mundane with the ornate to let them know you’re actually an authentic person whom they can follow. Yes, they want to hear about your incredible experiences, but they also want to learn from you when things go wrong. Also, if you’re getting paid to promote a bikini company or tanning lotion on your blog, you should consider saying so.

More is… More

Google is your blogging bible whether you like it or not, and recently they’ve began prioritizing lengthier content in their search rankings. Google wants to feature pages that are thorough and informative, so go beyond creating simple write-ups if you want more traffic. Sound challenging? If hitting 3,000 words seems difficult, consider expanding content you already have. Refer to the “People Also Ask” section in your Google search to find relevant topics and go from there.

Remember to break up your paragraphs into scannable snippets, though. Nobody likes big blocks of text.

Crafting longer content gives you the opportunity to optimize your post for search engine ranking, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO should be the air you breathe and the water you drink; while the followers you got from your personal social media accounts certainly help your cause, you need to reach a wider audience to truly boost your blog.

Some trending SEO strategies include:

  • Keyword volume
  • Semantically related terms
  • Link building

Write posts designed to answer commonly searched questions, and consider writing under some titles that begin with “How to…”. You can become the authoritative voice readers turn to if you write posts with more content and gain more traffic.

Eye Grabs

Now more than ever is the design of your blog critically important. It’s 2018, and the flashy hypermedia swirling around us makes keeping your reader’s attention nearly impossible without an appealing layout. While your puns need to be on point, and your content both useful and relevant, it’s visual aesthetic that’ll set you apart.

If your blog is stuck in 90’s era web design, good luck getting anywhere. You need a sleek, modern site that’s organized and easy to navigate. More than that though, you need to enrich your blog with visual content to keep users engaged. Stunning photos are great, but you can also use elements such as:

  • Maps
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Infographics
  • Lists
  • Bullet points
  • Font face and size
  • Color, and so on

Beautifully package your blog with a bow, but keep it simple—not garish—or risk your legibility. We’re seeing recent trends in interactive data with tools like Atlas, BEAM and Wordle that readers love. It keeps them on the page longer and makes them more likely to click to another page on your site. Remember, Google tracks these metrics and uses them to determine where to rank sites within their search rankings. Higher rankings mean more clicks, which translates to more income if you’ve decided to monetize your blog.

Stay up-to-date with SEO news to increase your online presence—especially for beginner bloggers—and try to add length to the size of your posts. Write original, authentic content to build a loyal following, and design a visually-pleasing blog to delight your readership. Harness the 2018 blogging trends to take your site to the next level. Soon enough you could experience the jet setting #wanderlust you’ve thus far only read about.