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How to Get Creative with Your Blogging Niche

How to Get Creative with Your Blogging Niche

A niche—every successful blogger has one.  The niche is the center of the blog in which all content revolves around.  It’s the reason readers follow your blog, and it’s why they sign up for newsletters or keep your homepage bookmarked.

Your niche is what makes you stand out in a sea of blogs.  It can be the specific topic you write about, it can be the angle at which you go about it, or it can be your writing and content style.  Many successful



6 Trends That Will Get Your Blog off the Ground in 2017

Blogging has gained ground for over a decade, and one thing is for certain: the face of blogging is changing. There are now countless blogs available at your disposal. However, not everyone’s blogs will be seen. If you are eager to start your own blog, you probably have a concept in mind. Whether you want to talk about fashion, cars, weddings, art, or sports, there are probably thousands of blogs that already exist covering those topics. Don’t let this intimidate you—many blogs become successful with the right know-how and dedication.