About Us

Purple Camel Media was founded in 2012 with a single goal in mind: make our clients succeed. Since then, we’ve done just that.

Located in the Golden State along the Pacific Coast, our marketing experts work with companies of all sizes located throughout the continental United States. As a company, our bread and butter is in Content Marketing and Digital PR, but our team of marketing professionals have had successful projects across all areas of SEM.

What separates us from other content and digital marketing agencies is that we strive to connect bloggers and brands in a way so that everyone wins.  Through our unique approach, we form long lasting partnerships which make sense and benefit all stakeholders: the brand, the blogger, and the readers. With Google’s ever increasing demand to satisfy the user, now more than ever is it important to create and deliver only the best content.

Are you looking to increase traffic and boost sales? Contact us today so we can help connect your product with real people and turn them into loyal customers.

Who We Are

They say a company is only as good as its people, and lucky for us, we have some of the best!

Amanda has been with Purple Camel Media since 2012 when we first opened our doors. As an integral part to our daily operations and personnel management, Amanda can do it all. Her favorite things about working at Purple Camel Media are her co-workers and her artistic freedom when it comes to content curation.

Kimberly joined us back in 2014 when she was fresh out of college as a graduate from the University of California: Santa Barbara campus. As an avid dog lover, she enjoys the beach and hiking trails.  One of her favorite things about working at Purple Camel Media is being able to introduce people to incredible new products that can help better their lives.

Lindsey is the newest addition to the Purple Camel Media family, but she certainly doesn’t act like it! With a background strong in customer service, drafting emails and attending to the needs of our partners comes natural to her.  Lindsey says her favorite thing about working at Purple Camel Media is that despite the laid back attitude in the office (we are in California after all), our results speak for themselves in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to Melissa, she can only be described as a Jane-of-All-Trades. With a background rich in photoshop, web design, and media development, Melissa is our go to girl when it comes to all digital assets. Despite working from home for half of the week, Melissa says her favorite thing about Purple Camel Media is the people that she works with.

Frank is the president, owner, and COO here at Purple Camel Media.  After several years in the early-2000’s working in-house at a large e-commerce site, he left the corporate world and joined a small start up agency.  After half a decade there, he took the plunge and started his own company: Purple Camel Media.  Frank says his favorite thing about Purple Camel Media is the immediate impact he is able to have on both the brands and publishers that PCM works with.

William is the IT guy here at Purple Camel Media, but don’t let him hear you call him that! He prefers the title “technology wizard” and rightfully so. We’re not exactly sure how he does it, but anytime an issue arises he’s quick to grab a fresh cup of coffee and get the issue resolved.  William says his favorite thing about Purple Camel Media is that no two days are ever alike.